Centre Needs

Centre Needs

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Chilliwack Men’s Centre

New vehicle (Van)
Pave the south side of our parking lot by the house

 For mail or drop off
4166 Eckert Street, Chilliwack, BC V2R5J6

For more information call or email contact@teenchallengebc.com

Okanagan Men’s Centre

Student Journals

3 Ring Binders

Lined Paper

Hygiene items for men

Shampoo, Soap, Body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, razors, wash cloth, towel. 

(No cologne or sprays)

Coffee(instant and ground)

Laundry pods




Milk – weekly we need 6- 4 litre jugs of homo milk

Condimentsketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise

Dish soap

Coffee maker

we need a large coffee maker that will produce enough coffee for 20 people. Ours recently broke.

Chicken feed 

2-3 large bags weekly of crumble and chicken scratch from Buckerfields

For mail or drop off

4550 Glenmore Rd, Lake Country, BC V4V1L7

For more information call or email Grace Absolom, gabsolom@teenchallengebc.com or 250-899-6046


Surrey Women’s Centre

Student Journals

Lined Paper

3 Ring Binders

3 Prong Duotangs


Laundry Pods

Dish soap

Fresh Fruits/Vegetables


Large and small Garbage Bags

Patio Chairs

Water Bottles

Shower Flip Flops

Pens, Highlighters, Markers, Post-its

Toiletries – full size shampoos, conditioners, lotions, Body Washes

Luffas, Chap Stick, Razors, Toothpaste, Deodorant


Med Latex Gloves

White 8oz Coffee Cups (20)

White 6″ bowls (20)

(2) –  2-drawer locking filing cabinets

Photocopy Paper

4 – Raised Garden Beds and Dirt

New Heavy Duty Stacking Washers & Dryer

For more information call or email Wendy, wtownsend@teenchallengebc.com or 604-467-4368