Okanagan Men’s Centre

Location Info

Okanagan Men’s Centre sits on 2 acres on Glenmore Rd North in the District of Lake Country. The centre is a one story building with 9 dorms, cafeteria, classroom, lounge and a separate building for a chapel and gym. We have a garage and shop for running our vehicle donation program. If you need firewood, you can find it here. Buy a campfire bag or a cord of wood, all money goes to support the men in the program. 

4550 Glenmore Rd
Lake Country, BC V4V1L7

Centre Director: Grace Absolom – Contact at gabsolom@teenchallengebc.com or (888) 575-3930 Ext. 412

General Inquiries: (888) 575-3930

Program Overview

We exist to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive!

Success Stories

Countless individuals have completed Adult & Teen Challenge programs across the globe since we were founded in 1958. Read stories of life transformation from some of our past graduates.