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The cost to have each individual student in the program is estimated to be $4,500/month. This provides for all of their needs, giving them the ability to fully focus on their recovery. Adult & Teen Challenge BC is a non-profit organization which receives its funding primarily through the generosity of individuals and churches. We also receive funding from the Government, which represents a small partial housing subsidy. Your sponsorship has the direct impact of alleviating our student costs and more importantly of providing the support needed for our students to realize their success. 


Every day, your support gives me the courage and strength to keep pressing into my healing.

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Your investment in my life is helping me to see that Jesus is showing me how to be filled with joy and hope.

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Your prayers and support have helped me every single day. I am finally learning who I am in Him.

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Okanagan Men’s Centre Student

Receive an update from an Okanagan Men’s Centre student each month. You will hear about each student’s journey and what they are learning in their program that month.

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